Buy a Key Chain and Educate a Child

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
(William Jennings Bryan)
Hurdles are always there when you embark on a journey

Back then, when we, the team-mates were discussing about the Entrepreneurial Mega Project assigned to us in Amal Fellowship, we were utterly perplexed about the ideas that we were debating upon. There were many ideas flowing out of the minds and were being discussed by the team. However, then an idea was finalized unanimously which was all about “Buy a Key Chain & Educate a Child”. As we all were having no experience of entrepreneurial setup, we even thought that it is almost impossible to achieve the desired goals within the stipulated time duration. As the time passed, the paramount efforts of all the team members were impressive to make this project a real triumph. This first experience was an amazing blend of entrepreneurship, advertisement and promotion, social contribution and a philanthropist approach.

While designing and ordering the manufacture of the key-chains at Aslam Key Ring Aminpura

We achieved our goals but everything didn’t go that smooth as it was thought to be. The first challenge that we faced was reaching out to the market and searching out for the least rate of the key chain possible, keeping in consideration the best of the quality as well. We searched out the whole of market for the purpose and finally, we found a manufacturer who was dealing in accordance with our criteria. The next challenge we faced was the procrastination in the reception of order. As the key chains were being printed and assembled in Lahore, there was delay of 4 days in having the key-chains in our hands. The situation we embraced here was that we were running short of time. Therefore, to save the time, we started campaigning on social media about our project. The response was excellent and people were anxiously waiting for buying the key-chains.

Amazingly Encouraging Reviews of the Fans

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A few days later, we received the key-chains but our application for arranging the desk at campus was rejected. We were worried about situation but then, we again sat down as a team to resolve the issue. The idea was then proposed by a team member to reach out to the friends’ circle individually and sell the key-chains.

The key-chain pictured with a background of Old Campus of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.
The moment when we were confused about selling 500 key-chains

And yes, this idea worked. All the 500 key-chains were sold in a few days. Even some of the people were still asking for key-chains and we were running short of it. The total revenue generated was Rs. 25,000/- and the investment was 5,000/-. So, on a total, we could donate Rs. 30,000/- to the Child Labor Eradication Program by generating revenue from a very minute commodity in a period of just one week. It was our fortune that with our contributed amount, a deserving girl of matriculation has been adopted by C.L.E.P. Moreover, she is possessing an outstanding academic record of 467/505 marks in 9th class, but was not able to continue her studies due to financial constraints.

As the idea key-chains was also aimed at promotion of the C.L.E.P. and to increase its donors, this project has certainly met this goal as well. Therefore, now more of the students will be adopted as the no. of donors will escalate. This project is now sustainable as C.L.E.P. has decided to order more 1000 key-chains because of the increasing demand of its donors which will be contributing much more to the deserving laboring children in the near future and bringing them to from the door of workshops and factories to the doors of schools.

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Access the Official Page of C.L.E.P here and Website here

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Appreciation Letter from C.L.E.P.

As you can observe in the letter above, C.L.E.P. officials have acknowledged the efforts of Amal Academy and its fellows for the social contribution being put forward by them to bring positive change in the community. They also provided us with an appreciation letter in order to encourage the volunteerism of the Amal Team and the fellows. The best that we could learn was the teamwork and achieving what others think can’t be done. Hope to see more of such contribution towards social uplift by the Amal Academy.

Team Mega Project Made it to the End