Meeting with Potential Mentor

This picture makes me land in the world of realism. Somewhere deep in the practical world of pedagogy wherein selflessness of somebody equips you with the real skills. The concept of mentor-ship, as proposed by Amal, is an extremely prolific one as it proved my recent meeting with my potential mentor. The word potential seems controversial here as he is my mentor now, after we have conducted a meeting. This meeting was actually an approach to recognize, align and then work on my interests specifically in the career orientation.

We met on 20–05–2017 quite informally. He was generous enough to spare his time for me and granted some of the best moments I ever had. His guidance about how to explore the market, how to go for international companies and what to do for having myself equipped with hard skills was unforgettable.

While in a meeting with potential mentor

He suggested me International Livestock Research Institute, Islamabad. Moreover, he assured me to provide his full support and training during the summer internship which I am going to do in the upcoming summer 2017. For jobs, he suggested my career as a marketer. He offered me some of his networks in some of the eminent marketing companies. Meeting with such an influential and compassionate mentor makes me confident about my future and career ahead. I was really grateful to him for such a tremendously encouraging meetup. All the goals were met and questions were answered by this discussion. Thank you amal for this concept of potential mentorship.

A mentor is someone who allows you to see hope in yourself. (Oprah Winfrey)