I understand ,your Journey.

I Know, you have a Dream but you have kept it at silent mode in your Heart, for your responsibilities and duties.

I Know,You are a family Man,You cannot leave everything in between and escape from reality.

I know you are lying to your loved ones that you are not smoking nor drinking.

I know ,you are under tremendous pressure at office.

I know, every second you want to make life of your loved ones more easy and luxurious.

Do not be hard on yourself. Someday ,if possible leave your office before time. Sometime draw something and color it with your childish imagination.

On weekend just for 10 minutes be a child , do crazy dance in your bathroom as no one is watching.

Sometime buy 100 candies and share it with others.

Believe me, you will feel much better. You will regain all your lost energy. You will make your heart to open about your Dream.

You just need Balance in your life.

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