Offer will take your voice

What going inside you is the most important thing in your life. One of your life parameter is to compare your life with depth of your Heart.

There is battle going on between you and your mind, between you and society. But you never ever play a active role.

Look at your mind, when matter of Heart Comes Mind will win.

Middle class woman decides to buy a expensive brand clothes. She visits nearest Mall. She find other clothes with heavy discount. She thought all are same and bought the discount one.

She ignored her desire but it was not a matter of clothes, It was matter of Heart and later that will hurt her.

Free, Discounts, Buy one Get one Free, Season Sale. So much offer that they people are negotiating with your Dreams.

Mark sent his resignation to his Boss stating that he is planning to do cosmetic Business .He has done 75% preparation too. His Boss and Management appreciated .He went thought several counselling session in his company as he was valuable employee and he was offered with raise in salary, foreign trips and much more. He never had a drop of desire of such things.
He went with the offer.

Compromise,Settlement,Okay Status happening all around you. Are you one of them ? It is not bad but It is not good too.

What is your Heart Saying? Listen it.

Listen it for your work, your relation, your family, your health.

Society will offer you Easy things but Your Heart will say Right things.Just Do it.
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