Sharing is new mantra for Growth

Society exist on the principle of Sharing.Every Invention or discovery was aim to share the benefits of it with the whole world.

Your life not meant to exist in Isolation.Even for Yogis who do meditation on Mountains for them Nature is sharing all the benefits to them.

Look at all the platforms like social networking sites ,Blogging sites, E-commerce sites even Brick and Mortar stores all run because of ‘Sharing’

Shared joy is a double joy, Shared sorrow is a half sorrow.
Swedish Proverb

Your Happiness lies in Sharing. The Joy factor inside your Heart is the result of Sharing.

The Day you stop sharing your knowledge, Pain, Pleasure, Creativity, Physical work with others your will lose all the charm in your life.

During Childhood days, you do not hesitate to share your lunch box, Books, Pen,Cricket Bat even money with your friends and this is the reason why you have enjoyed this time phase.

Even today you feel amazed to share your pic on Instagram, Thoughts on twitter and Facebook.

Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care.
Jerry Cantrell

You want to improve any area of your life from Health to Wealth . You need to watch the acceptance and Rejections of the things shared(Consciously or unconsciously) by others to you in that area of your life.

Acceptance or Rejections of things(including Knowledge) shared by others to you marked the level of relationship with that Person.

Higher the acceptance of shared things will mark good level of relationship.
Higher the Rejection of Shared things will mark poor level of relationship.

Most important thing about sharing is how you deliver it.

You cooked the delicious food but served it in ill mannered then it is not going to yield any positive result.

When you are excited do not share anything. Energy created by Excitement is beyond control. Give time to your emotions to settle down and then share.

People do not like things as they are ,they like sugar coating on it.

Sharing is an art .It can be learned and Practice.