Zuberi now have transaction statements

We will almost never send transaction statements to your home or workplace. However, we do know that these statements can be useful on various occasions. So we’ve added the ability to create them yourself, in literally just a couple of taps from within our apps.

This feature is currently rolling out to our iOS and Android users from today. This will be a gradual rollout, meaning if you look right now it will probably not be visible right away.

How it works

You can choose to produce a transaction statement for the current month or of all the months you have used Zuberi…

In markets where borrowing has become the norm, many people do not know the array of other financial options available to them. As a result, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the amount of digital loans being taken out by people who have jobs and are earning money everyday. So, we thought we’d give you an insight into one of your options. Zuberi.

1. Zuberi is an instant transfer and not a loan.

With Zuberi, there are no interest fees, no late fees and no penalties. Just a one time, transparent transaction fee. You can access your salary at any time of the day, as many times as you want…

We recently conducted a survey with 90 people in Accra and asked them about money.

Our goal is to speed up personal cashflow and give everyone in Africa the freedom to access their salary anytime, anywhere. To trust people to have more money in their pockets than usual means we will also take on the task to educate our users on how to make more intelligent choices with their money. People should be able to react quicker to unplanned events without going into debt. All of this should be done on one application.

Today, we’re publishing results from a survey…

At Zuberi we’ve decided to be as transparent as possible with our journey to building a very strong employee benefits program for Africans that lives on your mobile phone. It’s going to be a process as we’re building our technology from the ground up, however our team are working hard in the background to make it work.

What is Zuberi Pay?

Zuberi is a new on-demand mobile employee benefit platform that allows African workers to gain access to various benefits that impact their lives instantly.

We’re currently building our core product which gives people the opportunity to access their salaries over 261 days in…


Insights from the team building a powerful employee benefits program in Africa https://zuberipay.com/ {We’re in private beta}

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