Edhi sahib used Amal’s principles of progress in almost every stage of his life. I would like to add his aims for life he wished to build hospitals, make a factory to train and employ poor and build a village for the handicapped. It was impossible to for him to do that but he never give up and just started his efforts by doing small things, he gives himself a way and by giving one paisa from his two paisa to the needy and continued doing good deeds. The very best thing which I like the most is the advice of Edhi’s mother which is “It is charity only when your left hand doesn’t know what the right hand has given when the respect of the receiver is foremost”. We as Muslims gives charity as much as we can mostly in Ramzan but the main thing which I think is the respect of the receiver. We didn’t respect those people same was with me before but I didn’t do it intentionally actually I forget to interact with those people so how can I give respect to them then I decided to go to their home and have some gossips and I started giving respect to them.


Swimming is the thing which I was afraid to do, whenever I see swimming pool there exists an instinctive fear related to the fear of drowning. It is due to a bad experience that occurred in my childhood. Our school arranged a tour to water park and we were taught not to go to the deeper pools, we all friends were playing but I saw deeper pool on the other side it was more fascinating to me, so I escaped my teacher and ran with my full energy and jumped into the deeper pool, and the result was obvious I don’t know how to swim and the water kept burying me between its folds until I reached the bottom of the pool at this moment struggling seemed pointless at that time I saw death flushing before my very own eyes and at that time some people realized that there is someone drowning and they take me out from that day swimming becomes my biggest fear.

To overcome this fear of swimming I made my goal to learn swimming

· I made my plan with my friends who know swimming and decided the place then i made myself ready to go into the water when I can stand in water deep enough splashed water on my face as if I am washing it. At the same time I think of positive images while I am splashing it on my face.

· Next I try to learn to hold my breath under the water and breathe out into the water and seriously it was very difficult for me.

· Up till now I’ve learned only this and I would like to add one thing over there that nothing is impossible what u need is just an initial push I never thought that I could do it but I did it really well.

· My next step would be to start swimming in shallow water

· I will take professional swimming lessons

· I will build my core strength

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