Happiness is not out there ,It’s in “YOU”

A hectic life is the reason why we can’t give time to our Family, Friends and Teachers. I thought I’m moving ahead in my life but I didn’t realize that I’m ignoring some persons in my life. All the time whenever some of my friend or teacher messaged me I just gave them answer to their question and never realized that how I am ignoring all of them by not asking them about their life and all the things going in their life then I realized that Yes this is the missing part of my life.

After reaching out to my friends and giving them the chance to speak I realized how I was effecting my life and I didn’t even realize. They thought that I became arrogant that’s why I am not having conversation with them in that way. No, it’s not me! How can I be arrogant? I apologized for my behavior and started my conversation by asking about them, there were a lot of things that they all wanted to tell me but couldn’t because of my nature to always speak as I can’t remain silent..

Yes it was the best feeling when someone trust you and share his/her ideas, feelings, emotions and many more. In our struggle to be successful we somehow ignore our close relations, It doesn’t matter if u are still in touch with them but thing which matters is how you are in touch with them? Are you listening to them, their problems and happiness?

During this Project I messaged my best friend as well, she is the one who is always calling me and always listening to my problems, desires and aims. And she never said a single word that I never asked about her, I never thought that she would also be having many things to tell me,her happiness,aims and problems. And I was seriously disappointed when she told me that she got engaged and she was going to invite me that’s why she called me the other day but before she could speak anything I told her that I am doing internship and they don’t even allow to take single leave and they are very strict and I am learning a lot there. So she hide her engagement news so that she won’t be a burden on me. I missed my best friend’s engagement because I didn’t give her time to speak. This is the point where I learned to listen others and give them time to speak which will indirectly give happiness to both of you.

And the funniest thing was everyone was asking me are you okay today? How did you find time to have this much conversation with me? But the true is by giving all of them happiness I became happy same was written in the book “How to win friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

And as it is said:

Love of nature leads towards the Love of God

Love of God leads towards the Love of Human Beings

Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so…Love your friends and family give them time ,listen them and ask them about their life,problems and plans etc, it will give happiness to them and for sure you as well!

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