Day 48: The bird and the tree

A long flight and tired wings

At last, free to rest and sing

“HALT, WHO GOES THERE?” bellowed the tree

“20 bucks right now if you want to stay with me.”

“20 bucks, cheee! No way!”

He soared off, with much dismay.

The sap hole, where the birds meet to drink

He met his friends and made a great stink.

“Revenge we will take, every leaf, tree and bark

In the dead of night, in the pitch black dark.”

A fight ensued, the tree howled for its life

The beaks of twenty birds cutting in like a knife.

“All ours! It’s our loot!

Every single last twig, bark, and root!”

One bird turned to his friends and asked —

“Great work! Now where do we stay, time to relax.”

Chatter began, “good question — where to build the nest?

It’s time to close our eyes and rest.”

But all they saw were scraps from their pillage

Not the rich bounty of an arboreal village.

A root of the tree to a twig gasped

“if only we had let him stay and not asked.

What’s twenty bucks anyway?

A twig in the forest, a drop in the ocean.

The greed that caused the great commotion.”

And the birds, exhausted from the fight,

Were unable to get up and take flight.

“We are prisoners of our own destruction

All we’re left with is prayer for resurrection.”

Resurrection came but after a big gap of time

By which time the birds had past their prime.

Homeless and bound to the ground, they sang to the next generation:

“The tree lost its life and we our home in greed

The cost of realizing our shared existence and need.

We heard the same in history but didn’t listen

But we say it again, hear us please —

all that’s gold does not glisten.”

the scene that inspired this poem