Day 59: The Banyans

The bamboo picked up his bag and sailed across the sea

To the place of both new and old for he

Long ago uprooted, now in search of a place to grow

A place to pursue a sustainable life and build a grove

He called out in search of mitti, but found it banjar

Little fertilizer for his ideas or social-emotional hunger

“A bamboo grove can house, cloth and feed,

But who will understand the need?”

Alas, his call was answered by two banyan trees

Who extended a hand and shared their stories.

Offering and summoning shade, fertilizer, water and sun,

The banyans treated the bamboo as their own son.

He came in search of roots, which he found

In the banyans generous offering to the ground.

Unconditional, the banyans did all they could do

“Home, a feeling not a place,” thought the bamboo.

Feeling rejuvenated and renewed

The growth of the grove continued.

Sitting in their wise shade, watching the sunset

“Whatever happens, the banyans I will never forget”


*Mitti means soil and banjar means barren