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We are so excited to announce V2 of Opyn Protocol, the most powerful and capital-efficient DeFi options protocol, is now live on Ethereum mainnet!

Opyn users can start trading ETH-USDC options on Opyn v2 immediately using


Opyn v1 (Convexity Protocol) laid the foundation for DeFi options as the first live ERC20 options protocol. For the first time, anyone could create, buy, and sell options on any ERC20 token. …

Protect your DeFi Deposits

DeFi users are facing substantial risks and Opyn is here to provide protection. We’ve seen an incredible community grow around amazing DeFi platforms that form the basis of an emerging financial system. However, these platforms present many risks, both known and unknown to their users. It’s only a matter of time before another DAO hack or a 2007-like event occurs in DeFi, and most users are woefully underprepared.

Opyn solves this by being the first platform allowing Ethereum DeFi users to protect themselves against both technical and financial risks, starting with Compound deposit insurance.

Opyn: The Insurance Layer for Decentralized Finance

At, you can easily insure…

Today, we’re excited to release the alpha version of on the Ethereum mainnet!

At Opyn, we are building a noncustodial margin trading platform on top of Ethereum, Compound, Uniswap, and DAI, enabling anyone to go long or short on ERC20s with a powerful and easy-to-use platform.

Opyn lets you easily track and manage your long and short positions. It helps you keep tabs on your returns, reminds you to adjust collateralization, and helps you close out positions. ETH, REP, 0x, and BAT trading are available immediately, with other tokens coming soon.

Over the coming weeks, we will be working…

Find our new, coming work at

We started Mechanism Labs because we were passionate about pushing the blockchain space forward and contributing to making this technology useful to people.

We began ML at a time when the biggest challenges to widespread blockchain adoption were questions of scalability. We intended ML to be a new type of research lab that would reflect the ethos of the cryptocurrency space by being open source and collective.

However, though the community had come together to work on problems of scalability for blockchain technology, there were considerably fewer ways that people were putting to…

by Zubin Koticha, Alexis Gauba, Aparna Krishnan @opyn_

With support from the MakerDAO.

Source: NewsBTC

Note: all interviewee names have been changed for privacy reasons.

India has been economically thriving in recent years. India is the fastest growing large economy in the world with a growing and increasingly educated population. The Indian Rupee, previously prone to significant inflation, is now a stable, low inflation currency.

Co-authored with Alexis Gauba.

All blockchains and cryptocurrencies require consensus, or agreement on the state of the ledger between all parties in the system. However, achieving consensus is non-trivial. One of the things that makes consensus most difficult to achieve is the underlying network on which the protocol runs. As you can see in this post about the blockchain stack, the blockchain contains more than the just the protocol and its participants. It also includes the links between the participants — the network communication channels themselves — which usually run over the internet.

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t always work smoothly. Often, it is painstakingly…

Thunder: A Breakthrough

The simplicity breakthrough has been achieved by two Cornell professors, Elaine Shi and Rafael Pass in 2017.

It’s called Thunderella.

Professors Pass and Shi have created the simplest protocol mathematically proven to bridge classical BFT consensus and Nakamoto consensus.

Thunderella takes the idea of “Hybrid Consensus” one step further than the original. It retains a PBFT style committee which comes to consensus atop the slow chain.

The first aspect of Thunderella is the creation of an accelerator and a committee, which came to consensus in a responsive manner. This is the most efficient BFT PoS framework ever in terms of…

The Historical Context of Hybrid Consensus

At present, Blockchains threaten to disrupt major industries like finance, law, and computing. Bitcoin was a technological breakthrough that brought people together by allowing them to achieve decentralized and censorship-resistant money.

Bitcoin constituted a serious technological advance as the first distributed system simultaneously able to tolerate pure permissionless consensus in the presence of up to 50% Byzantine faults, be totally ordered, DoS resistant, Sybil resistant, and use incentives to encourage honest participation. It provided a simple and elegant way to have a decentralized and truly permissionless distributed system.

Unfortunately, what Bitcoin has gained in robustness and security, it has given…

Academia. Industry. The former, precise and theoretical, the latter, fast-moving and approximate. Both keys in the process of innovation.

(Left to right) Yiseul Cho, Elaine Shi, Zubin Koticha, Aparna Krishnan, Alexis Gauba

Early Academic Forays into Cryptocurrency

Mainstream cryptocurrency has remained primarily separate from both academia and traditional industry. In a way, this has been purposeful and advantageous. Satoshi Nakamoto’s unassuming low profile has made him a champion of communities wary of traditional prestige and power. However, as the space matures, for blockchain technology to realize the grand visions it promises, there must be a foundation of academic rigor that places careful consideration in how to best deploy what’s been built.

Among the very first academics to pick…

This is part one of a series profiling innovative DApps that have a case of can’t-scale-itis.

CryptoKitties sounds like just a fun game, but it’s also serious business. The platform, which allows users to collect, breed, and trade unique cats, has generated over 300,000 kitty sales — amounting to a gross transaction volume (not including gas) of over $24,000,000 since the first kitty was sold in December. With a median sale price of $9.43, these kitties aren’t cheap, and with a mean sale price of $64.38, you can see that they have long right tails.

As the first DApp to…

zk - Zubin Koticha

CEO, cofounder @opyn. Former Head of Research and Development at Blockchain at Berkeley. Twitter: @snarkyzk

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