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Jacques, the time to discuss how a victim should respond to harassment is not while a victim is reporting harassment. The way to discuss ways a victim can respond to respond to harassment is not to question a victim’s response to harassment, especially not as they are reporting it.

As is clear from Kelly’s post, she wasn’t posting this to ask for a critique or advice on how to handle the harassment and threatening behavior she was victim to, rather she was exposing it.

You chose to focus on her reaction and her actions in your reply, critiquing and questioning them. This may be dialogue, but the dialogue definitely contains victim blaming. Doing this hurts victims everywhere. Remember, there are victims out there too afraid to report that they are being harassed. Victim blaming makes it even less likely they will report it, making it worse for them and for future potential victims.

This hurts all of us, please don’t do it.

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