From Banker to Fish-Farmer, One Man’s Struggle with the Capitalist’s Dilemma
Efosa Ojomo

Efosa, really good article and keen observation. Do you think a sort of Jobs To Be Done framework can be built around this ?

Meaning JTBD = increase (Yemi’s) fish farming capacity

How ?

Frame some of his risks & challenges like water pollution into projects for local students to keep working on — ”how can we always know a water supply is safe for fish ?”

And for the financial challenge, assess the rate of rerun of (Yemi’s) fish farming eg 10% and pitch to employed people (& other low income earners) seeking supplemental income that they could get 5% return if they invest in (Yemi’s) fish market for a 6 month period.

Net effect is people who are very familiar with the terrain keep working on removing the water risk which could derail the business and also keep finding the business with the bonus that they can also actually see their money at work.