StakedWallet. Another Ponzi Scheme.

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My friend recently found this very cool website called StakedWallet. He immediately invested as they’re promising 1.5% per day. He texted me about it, as we both are interested in cryptocurrencies, but when I saw it I instantly knew — Ponzi Scheme.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

About two years ago I stumbled upon a website called Westland Storage. I immediately fell in love. They offered 1% daily of passive income. Invest and forget. You’ll be rich. Little did I know — it was a scam. After a few months of my impossible income, the app stopped working. I couldn’t log in. I checked their website, to my surprise, I saw 403 Forbidden. At the time I didn’t know what was happening. Technical issues? They’ll be probably back in a day. Wrong. Next day the only things I saw were posts and articles about a website that scammed us all.

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Image for post Looks familiar?

Today, my friend brought my attention to this new website — StakedWallet. I registered, I knew what it is. Same bounty system, suspiciously similar in-app currency called SWL (Westland Storage had WLS), literally the same part of UI in StakedWallet as in Westland Storage mobile app. The similarities are just too huge. My conclusion? I’m sure that StakedWallet is a scam and I’m pretty certain that it is not only a scam, but a scam made by the same people who created Westland Storage. So, I messaged them. Beautiful stock photos of consultants and English names. A consultant — Martin — wrote back to me.

what do you mean?
What is Westland Storege?

He also sent me documents confirming that they are a company registered in Australia. The problem is that Westland Storage also was a registered company. Here are the documents:

It isn’t any problem for a scammer to set up a company using somebody’s identity. It’s a common way of creating such projects among scammers. So, I asked him about their office. Can they provide me with any pictures? Last time there was no office because the address was fake. His answer?

I can’t understand what kind of circuit you are talking about.

I ended the conversation as I saw that they are not interested in any cooperation. I’m certain that this is a scam. I asked people on Reddit. They also think that StakedWallet is a scam. I advise you not to invest there. It’s a Ponzi Scheme. Not a first one and not the last one.

Stay safe.

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I write about scams, because I hate scammers. I want to brought attention to things that may be dangerous. Ponzi schemes, fake investments. I’ll reveal them all

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