iPhone se iPhone X tak


On 29 June 2007, Apple released the first iPhone and the 4GB model cost $499.

{The share price of Apple at that time was $17.50.}

Cut to the present: the iPhone X is about to hit stores and is expected to retail for $999.

{Apple shares are trading at $160.}

Imagine, instead of buying the first iPhone, you bought Apple shares.

That $500 investment in 2007 would be worth $4,600 today.

Enough to buy 4 new iPhone Xs and have change left over for a Google Pixel.

That, my friend, is what a return of over 24% per year looks like.

But I know what you are thinking: Arrey bhaiya, daalar mein toh sab bahut badhiyan dikta hai. Rupye ki baat karo babu rupye ki baat.

So this is how it look in rupees:

On 29 June 2007, a dollar cost Rs 40.50 and today it’s about Rs 64.

So you’d have shipped over about Rs 20,500 to the US of A.

And that would be worth almost Rs 3 lakh today.

That’s a return of 30% per year.

Kya samjhe?

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