Power of Paying Gratitude

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward

One of the most wonderful things ever happen in my life, is Amal Academy. Joining Amal Academy was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. It teaches me a lot of beautiful things not only about my career management but most of all, it teaches me how to become a human. It provides me not only the amazing guidelines for becoming the most valuable team player in the job, but also it provides the worthy advises about how to become a most valuable human in our lives. I’ve learnt a lot throughout the fellowship, and each and every session have added something really valuable to my knowledge, which I couldn’t be able to learn from anywhere. It teaches me how to live a life of purpose, how much it’s important to show kindness and humility to others, worth of taking initiatives for offering help to others, the meaning and significance of empathy and everyday leadership and most of all the power of paying gratitude to others. The most beneficial thing I’ve learned from the fellowship is paying gratitude to others and saying thank you. This is the thing, I’ve already applied in my life and experienced its lovely consequences.

Before joining Amal Academy, I didn’t realize the importance of thanks giving. At many times, I really felt grateful to someone but didn’t say thanks to them, as properly as it should be, due to some hesitations or sometimes being so busy. I didn’t even realize the worth of thanks giving and showing humbleness to others. But after joining Amal Academy, I’ve truly realized the importance of paying gratitude to others. Now every time when someone helped me in anyway, I always send them a gratitude email or text massage to show them how much I’m grateful to them, no matter how much busy I’m. For instance, once, one of my professors, helped me out in doing the data analysis for my M.Phil thesis. It was a great help, he had provided me and I was so grateful to him. Therefore, I sent him a follow up email for paying my gratitude to him and for showing him, how thankful I’m for his valuable help and guidance. Because of this gratitude email, he was so impressed so that now every time when he meet me, he has a big smile on his face and always try to solve my problem with all the pleasure. Similarly, whenever anyone help me and contribute towards the solution of my problem, I do take some time to tell them about my gratefulness for them and how much their precious guidance have value for me. As a result of this gesture, people feel more connected to me and try to help me more with all their inclination and preference.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy

This practice increases my belief on thanks giving, because when you feel thankful to any one, you just have to say it out, because it enhances the morale of other person. Moreover, paying gratitude to others helps to make good connections with them. It provides the more opportunities to learn more from others, because if anyone help you in your problem and you show you’re wholeheartedly appreciative to them, they would feel more attached to you and willingly help you next time. So, now I strongly believe in saying thank you to others, for realizing them how much they are special and valuable in my life and how much I’m really grateful for their acts of kindness.