Mentorship in reality

Man is a social animal. One cannot live his or her life all alone. Sometimes in life at some stage all of us feel low and want someone with us to whom we can share things and discuss issues in personal life. We may face some certain situations where we need some guidance from experienced persons. Human beings always depends on each other. What if someone you choose in your life who you feel is the best accompaniment or the best guide to your problems. Yes I am talking about the mentorship or choosing a mentor in our lives as it gives courage and light to walk in the dark pathways even.

Beside my parents, friends, teachers and relatives today I would love to talk about one of the very special person in my life. Yes I am talking about my mentor one and only “Abu Bakar Ilyas Qureshi”. He is Mphil scholar in business studies from one of renowned universities in Pakistan. I know him since last ten years. I went to him to get tuition in grade 8. Since that day he is the one who has changed me as a person. He has been always with me through thick & thin. He is more than a teacher to me. He gave me the best possible solution in every problem. He has taught me to live a life of purpose.

He has helped me to get admissions in renowned institutes. He has given his most valuable time to me whenever I needed. Other than that he always supported me in difficult situations . I always took his opinion and found that he has given me the most valuable and positive solutions. Throughout my studies he has helped me in choosing subjects or degree even. Being his student, younger brother I always went to him for my problems but one thing which I never took for granted is respect and humility. To learn something we must have humility as integral part of our personalities. Otherwise we can’t learn things from others being stringent or fixed minded. Some people in life are the one who can never be replaced by anything.

I wish you could have a teacher like him, brother like him and a friend like him but if you want three in one than you need to pray God to make carbon copy of this gentleman. I can’t explain my feelings for my mentor over here. Finally I would love to wish him the ever best success in his life. May you live long Sir.