Common Issues With Cowhide Rugs And Simple Ways Of Fixing Them

Cowhide rugs can be great additions to the overall décor of a space. They may be used as focal points or to give a minor accent to any given space. Their natural design and beauty can add style. Most of them are durable and offer ease of maintenance. However, many times, they may be subject to certain issues which may damage them.

Tips for dealing with issues regarding cowhide rugs

Cowhide rugs are natural. They are hence prone to be affected by environmental conditions and changes. Most of these issues can easily be sorted. Some tips include:


A majority of hide rugs are prone to curling. This usually happens when the rugs are thinner at the corners. This however, cannot be used to measure their quality. For such types of rugs, it is however advisable to keep them separate from heat or direct sunlight. For hides that already report curling, it is recommended to massage the rug after sprinkling its back with water. You may then hold the rug by placing heavy blocks. This is an effective way to tackle the issue of curling.

Bad odour

Although most luxury rugs do not smell, it is advisable to be prepared for the occurrence. If your rugs begin to smell, it is advisable to hang them outdoors. The air helps in making them dry and helps to remove the smell. Powdered carpet deodorizers may also be used to get rid of the smell from such rugs.


This is a common issue people face with various types of handcrafted rugs. Cowhide rugs may accumulate dirt and stains. Spilling of food and beverages on these rugs may also cause tough stains to accumulate. These can damage the rug and also make it look unappealing.

Many people exercise extreme caution while choosing made to measure rugs for their homes. If such rugs accumulate dirt or stains, it is advisable to wipe them with soap solution and sponge. A mixture of 95% water and 5% vinegar may also be used to remove stains. For rugs that may have accumulated dirt, it is highly recommended to shake them outdoors or to use a vacuum cleaner for the purpose.

Cowhide rugs made of genuine leather are extremely durable. They can be modified to create a variety of designs. Among the various designs, geometric rugs are the most famous. While most of these rugs possess the capability to withstand excessive wear and tear, on noticing signs of damage, it is advisable to take few essential steps. Regular cleaning of these rugs can increase their durability and help them to stay attractive for longer periods of time. Placing cowhide rugs in areas of the home that have lower traffic is also a good way to keep them looking attractive for longer periods of time.

Cowhide rugs look extremely attractive and can help in adding a visual appeal to any given space. They can last for years if proper care is taken. Regular cleaning and brushing can significantly increase their life.

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