It’s all about you!

Guys! I am going to share my personal experience this time, it will leave you surprised, you would definitely enjoy it.

“Me or who”? Said he.

“It’s about you”, Said she.

“Who else along with me”? Said he.

“Everyone in the world that I see”, Said she.

“Do you take interest in others or what”? Said he.

“It’s my nature, I can’t cut”, said she.

“People think of you as mad”, said he.

“It’s my Innocence, I will and I had”, said she.

“I am getting impressed by you”, said he.

“Oh, then develop such a nature you too”, said she.

“From where you got inspired”, said he.

How to win friends and influence people”, said she.

“What”? Said he.

“It’s a book”, said she.

The rustling of green leaves, the chirping of birds, the rising sun and the curious questions: “How you become like this? What is the motivation behind taking interest in others and how can I become like one”? He inquired.

Sitting beside me was a boy of 12 years, green eyes, blond hair, loyal and confident but confused. “Arouse in the other person, an eager want”, I replied.

I told him, it is easy to become one, the idea is to literally think about others, I said, literally I think for others and you, your habits, your qualities, your voice and your actions. Yes! It is not about me, my world moves around you and others. I pay attention to others. Still in doubt??? Let me break the ice, after reading this book by Dale Carnegie, my dictionary now defines the meaning of life as being concerned for others and taking keen interest in them.

“I have discovered from personal experience”, Dale Carnegie made a beautiful description in his book, “that one can win the attention and time and cooperation of even the most sought-after people by becoming genuinely interested in them”. The lesson from his book could easily be summed up by its title, others can easily be influenced and friends can easily be won by merely giving importance to them. This is the thing people want and hence you’ll be welcomed by them.

The takeaway of this blog writing is to show interest in others, it influences people and makes your relationship strong. “In this world, where you can be anything, be kind”. I realized that when I apply this rule, in return I also get something, very beneficial, that I need too, people give their kind attention, love and care to me. “It is a two-way street”, said Dale Carnegie, “both parties benefit”.

My amazing people believe me, it’s really all about you, this technique is great and it brings 100% results therefore the CTA for this blog writing is to apply the above rule. Please do not forget to share the results in the comment section below as I am waiting anxiously for the positive and wonderful results from my wonderful people.