Pain leads to gain

Hi my readers, enjoying a summer break? I will also be but after two weeks. For now I have been assigned a task to tell about the cost that I had to suffer for my life of purpose(childhood experience). The thing is if you want to have a life of purpose you have to undergo some pains and some sacrifices and sufferings but then the end belongs to you.

So, I am supposed to tell my readers about the cost and the pain that I undertook. It was the June of 2010, when I decided to participate in the tape ball cricket tournament because I had a passion for cricket and I love playing it so, I had a golden opportunity to prove myself.

Fortunately I got selected by the authority, by struggling long for it, finally came the month, the month for not merely playing but to showing my passion for a game. I was extremely happy, making preparations for it, friendly matches were at its peak but then the ice was broken, the scene was revealed, the location of the tournament was decided and announced and it was some other city that was made our destination.

I used to be home sick and taking permission from the parents was the biggest task. I felt hopeless but then I started thinking deep for it. I did not want to lose this chance, so I made up my mind, I decided to go and then took the permission and went to that place. I stayed there for more than a week, for the very first time, living without family it was just like hell. I used to go for the tournament in the morning and weeping in the evening. The time flee away, we reached back to home safely but with a trophy hence I proved myself, I paid the cost for my purpose and I won.

It happened when I was only 13 years of age, I learnt to take a pain for some gain and I will be using this method for my future achievements as I have to go to some other country for building my future as I think pain is necessary for some gain.

The choice is yours.

Finally guys, I am happy, I did it and so will you. Readers your CTA is to share your experiences that led to success and you also suffered for it in the comments section below.