The ABC’s of a professional Life: Acquire relationship with a mentor, Build a network, Change yourself for your own good

This blog writing is a token of gratitude for two professionals.

Hi guys, hope you all are busy finding internships, well… me too but for a job. This time, I am sharing my adventurous meeting with two persons:

1. The Owner of a famous organization (10 years’ experience)

2. Controller examination of a School (around 20 years of experience)

The purpose of this meeting was just to have a guidance from both of them about the tips that I recently learnt from course and I wanted to have their opinions and feedbacks regarding it.

My aim was to understand that what is the “why” or life purpose of the people in my future network, so that I can better understand. Their guidance will definitely help me in getting the answer of how to move up and boost my career.

As I did not have their Email IDs so I went directly to their work place and asked the gate keepers for the appointment and also took their numbers. I made a call to them, before one day of our meeting and reminded them and gave them a clue for the questions.

I discussed the following 3 tips in our meeting:

Tip1: “Find a mentor and manage the relationship strategically”

Tip 2: “Join a professional body and build your network”

Tip 3: “Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily”

While telling owner of the organization about the first tip, I requested her to become my mentor as I also wanted to get a job there in her organization and she started laughing over such an immature request in such a serious situation. She gave her own examples and told me that how she managed the relationship with her colleagues strategically and she also advised me to build my own network along with an advice to “Never say No to a change”. While in the other meeting the feedback was somehow similar except that she advised me to visit more organizations for a better learning.

I asked them the questions about their life of purpose, the pain they were willing to sustain to reach their goals and what were they passionate about.

The owner of the organization told me that she had achieved her life of purpose but the pain she went through was immeasurable because when it was the beginning of her career she had to leave her 2 month’s old son at home and that she did not look after him properly. Now she is burdened and passionate to see him succeeded as an engineer. In my other meeting, the controller examination told me almost the same things as that I learnt in the course along with her experience that achieving the goals were always tough, moreover she said, “It’s going to be hard but hard is not possible”.

Furthermore, I emphasized that I was really keen to learn from them and to get their feedback on what I have been learning.

I shared each tip with them very carefully, one by one, and asked the working professional if they have had any experiences that reinforce those tips…as my goal was to get to learn more about their experiences.

They guided me using their own life examples, the descriptions were very interesting and motivating.

I thanked them deeply for their valuable time. I also took their visiting cards and sent them a thank you email later.

My experience was really great, such humble and unique personalities they had and they gave feedback in such a polite and persuasive manner that I got convinced and was left with no confusion at all.

Guys, you can try to do the same thing while working for your internships, believe me, you will enjoy this activity, now its your CTA for this reading, wish you all the best and do not forget to share in the comment section below..

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