Great article. An open letter to people suffering from depression.

‘’There’s nothing wrong with being depressed
Depression is a phase or climate of your mind. It will come and go. Do not let it overcast or consume you’’

The thing about depression is you can’t really understand it until you deal with it. So many people are diagnosed and are scared to talk about it due to the stigma that goes with any mental health diagnosis. If they can hear that someone was able to make it through the same thing and that they are not alone, maybe it will save a life. You can join a group therapy group,or even a facebook group, just start talking to people. The good thing about people with depression is they are usually very compassionate and approachable. It takes time to heal a hurt mind. Fortunately, I think society is moving in the right direction, more and more people are realizing the biological basis of mental illness.

This video also explains the consequences of stigmatizing mental health on an institutional level. It does a lot of damage in the long run:

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