The First 20 Days Of A 100 Day Project

Dalí is my peludo son. He was with me when I took the first photo for my first post (:

An idea cannot change the world until you realize it at least 100 times. This is my first 20 days of my 100 day project that will make you feel you inspired.

There are so many things that come to your mind when you decided to start a project. Like how can I put all my ideas together, when is the best time to start, how can I show my work, what is the best way to do it… I could write more than 100 things that come to mind and stop us from making progress. The best way to start a project is STARTING IT.

For this reason, I started the #100DayProjectByZu. I wanted to do something more that only think. I wanted to do something that gives me the opportunity to share how I see the world and how the social networks are changing our lives or at least my life.
My Instagram Account: @Zulesky #100DayOfProjectByZu

What I’ve been sharing in this first 20 days?

Day 1: The experiences that you live through each book that you read.

Day 2: Learn a new language and why not share your native language with others.

Day 3: Do more things for yourself.

Day 4: Enjoy the experience of living.

Day 5: Things that are making this world a better place.

Day 6: Say NO to the fear and start sharing your ideas.

Day 7: Hope in the darkness

Day 8: Having Faith is what matters.

Day 9: Your attitude determines your direction

Day 10: Distance means so little. Having WhatsApp is great tool to make me feel close to home.

Day 11: The journey of having a dog or being a mother of a pug :)

Day 12: Smile more.

Day 13: Street Art. Very Austin Very weird.

Day 14: Sharing your work with new friends.

Day 15: Build you own story to tell. No excuse.

Day 16: Celebrate the little things.

Day 17: Never stop looking up.

Day 18: New home.

Day 19: Be positive

Day 20: Take a break.

20 post that I’ve been sharing on Instagram, writing in English and Spanish, taking a picture of my daily journey. What is my big goal is to not overthink it. Just do the first idea that comes to my mind, and of course, it have to be related to the purpose of the #100DayProjectByZu

During these 20 days, my post has been seen more than 20,000 times; I’ve reached more than 1,500 unique accounts, and I got 10 more new followers in my Instagram account.

An idea cannot change the world until you realize it at least 100 times. I am not 100% sure what or where I’ll go with this project but what I know for now is that if what you do gives you joy, knowledge, and opportunities to learn new things and meet new people, you are in the right direction. After 100 days of continuous repetition, you will find the way to make whatever you are doing better.

Before you go…

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