Khudi and self learning

According to Newton’s third law actions and reactions are equal but opposite in direction. Same is the case in khudi and self learning.

Khudi is the voice of soul. It arose the man to do special in his life. For the peace of mind khudi plays an important. It satisfies by actions or deeds. Observation is the first step to awaken Khudi. By observing around us Khudi arose to take the actions which are just start in practical life. When someone does mistake or good deed khudi blames and appreciate for his kind of work. Khudi has supreme power.

Self learning is not a formal eduction which is taught in a specific institute followed by a specific syllabus. It is non formal education. Self learning is the key for success. It is practical which is kept from birth to death. Man is curious to learn more and more. No one is perfect in life about its field of studies. With the help of self learning man keeps on innovations in his life which are not due to formal education. Even someone is unfamiliar with how to read and how to write, he also learns throughout the life. Self learning boosts up confidence.