Single Person cannot change someone life, Everyone Play his role.

Life is like a van whose driver did not know the path of his destination. These are mentors who guides the path to next stop then again a new mentor take over that. I would like to give the example of teachers. Primary teacher lefts us after primary then middle teacher takes this responsibility and this process going till to PhD. Apart from this practical life also needs a mentor.

This is a story of my mentor, Riaz Hussain Hajjana. He is my cousin and son of uncle. he is nephew of my mother. He does not belong to our district. He is currently work PAE.

Once he comes to visit us , he arouses us to get more and more knowledge. When I was in childhood he called me separately from family and inquired about progress report of study. he provided valuable suggestion and how I improve more and more. It was eighth exam when I could perform as much better as demands to me, so he visited my home and support for further education. My matriculation.s result was brilliant due to his efforts.

Then he inspired me for FSc and helped each and every time. He teach me how to take the chance and learn from failure. FSc result was also excellent.

After that I failed in entrance test , he encouraged me and prepared for graduation. Now I am working here. He not only gives me educational support but also moral support. He is real mentor of my life start from childhood up till to now.