Top 5 Things to NOT Do in the Gym

There are a lot of things that bother me. I must admit, I’m a pretty irritable person. (Working on it). BUT, one thing that I loathe with all my heart and soul is improper gym etiquette. Some people have their own definition and standard of what gym etiquette is but I believe there are just some things you should avoid doing when at the gym. In this read, I’ll be addressing the top 5 things you should NEVER do in the gym. If you’re reading this and have done anything on this list, it’s too late. No just kidding, but seriously, just stop doing it, PLEASE.

#5: Having too much dip on your chip

Now, this phrase is used when someone is doing way to much. Or in other words, doing something they wouldn’t normally do on a regular basis. Basically being a little too overconfident. In regards to the gym, this means, IF YOU HAVE NEVER LIFTED A HEAVY WEIGHT, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TRY TO PRESS 400 LBS, SQUAT 300 LBS, OR ROW 245 LBS. You will severely injure and embarrass yourself, I promise. Those numbers are all random, but anything that feels way too heavy to YOU, should not be lifted right away. Nothing good comes from attempting to lift this type of weight without gradually increasing strength over time. I understand testing your max, but if you’re going to do that, I recommend having a workout buddy or a trainer monitor you, especially if it’s your first time. This also means not trying that new crazy exercise you saw your favorite IG Fitness influencer do. You want to do a double barrel roll front flip plank mountain climber with 100 lb dumbbells but have never done a regular plank longer than 30 seconds. What sense does that make?

#4: Not re-racking your weights

Come on dawg. This should be a no brainer here. Not only does it show that you have no home training, you’re also putting yourself and others at risk for tripping and injuring themselves. It doesn’t matter how heavy the weight is or how tired you are after lifting, put the weight back on the rack! I’ve witnessed people squatting with 3–4 plates on the bar and literally walking away after finishing their last set. Really? Stop being lazy people.

#3: Sitting on your phone at a machine

People, whoever you’re talking to, or whatever you’re looking at, it will be there after you leave the gym…I promise. Seeing people scroll on their phones for 10 minutes at a time after each set gets under my skin. First of all, you’re wasting your time at the gym and missing out on a good burn. You can scroll on your phone at home. I can understand shooting a quick text out in the middle of a set. But if you’re having an argument with your S/O over text and trying to get the last word in, SAVE IT FOR AFTER THE GYM. This especially irritates me when the gym is crowded and machines are limited. Finish the set, keep it moving, and text them or scroll while doing cardio or something.

#2: Having a pissing contest

Oh boy. This right here….I hate with the deepest part of my soul. Stop trying to compete with me bruh. I truly do not care if you can lift more than me. I truly do not care if you can run longer than me. I…do…not…care. Stop trying to show out just because you just saw your gym crush walk by. Just stop. Do your workout and stop worrying about what you can do better than others. You’re only stopping your own progress.

#1: Being a creep

Now this is when I take my funny cap off and get serious on you folks. The title is plain and simple. Stop being creepy. Here’s a list of what classifies as being a creep:

  1. Staring — This is pretty straight forward. Stop looking at people for long periods of time while doing exercises. It’s disgusting, gross, and weird.
  2. Following — This one is also straight forward. Just so you know, in case you didn’t, it’s very obvious when you’re following someone around in the gym, and the person you’re following more than likely knows you’re doing it. It’s not cute, exciting, nor flattering, it’s scary.
  3. Talking — Nine times out of ten, people are not trying to talk in the gym. They want to get their workout in and go home. They either had a long day at work or if it’s the morning time, they have a long day ahead of them. They are not trying to hear your small talk. Anything you have to say is 100% not important to them, I promise. Save your conversing. I’m not saying you can’t talk to people in the gym EVER. But man, pick up on the signs. If you see a person is hyper focused on their workout, do not approach them after they’re finished with a set. Matter of fact, don’t approach them at all.
  4. Giving unwarranted advice — If they wanted a trainer, they’d have one. That’s all I have to say about this one. Shut up.

There you have it. The Top 5 WORST things to do in the gym. If you got offended reading this article, it’s because you’ve done one or more of these things, and guess what I have to say about that…I DO NOT CARE. Stop doing these things, seriously. It’s annoying. Have proper gym etiquette people, it makes the world go round.




My name is Brinton Amobi. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Type 1 Diabetic. My goal is to share my experience with fitness and diabetes. I hope you enjoy.

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Brinton Amobi (Zulite Fitness)

Brinton Amobi (Zulite Fitness)

My name is Brinton Amobi. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Type 1 Diabetic. My goal is to share my experience with fitness and diabetes. I hope you enjoy.

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