Reaching out to HR Professionals to practice Equip and Real

For this activity we contacted to Mr. Adnan from my professional network. He is working at “Vibrant Minds” an advertisement company and recruiting people for them. First we wrote a thoughtful email to Mr. Adnan and asked for his 15 minutes for a phone talk. After his response we called him and got some advises and it was wonderful experience.

· Be real if you are telling something that not belongs to you, then it is not possible for you to answer the counter questions, and your facial expressions are also a main thing to judge that what you are talking about is belongs to you or not.

· Interviewer is not expecting right answers of all the questions, but they are there to check your approach towards the right answer. Interviewer can easily judge that you are well prepared or not by just asking “What do you know about us?”

· Make sure that you are well prepared by researching about company, interviewer also prepare well with respect to good resume and your professional dressing.

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