The 5 Hours Call

She told me,

“We were broke up.”

That was a not shocking words I heard in a 5 hours call from somewhere place that 8,660 miles or 13,938 kilometers away from me right now. The call was stopped because she run out of data plan. It was around 2 am PDT and it was 55°F or around 13°C, a super cold morning for a summer but not in San Francisco. I was awake because I have a hackathon in Weebly HQ in that day.
Back to 2 weeks before that 5 hours call. I got same dream in 3 days in row about her. I saw she fall from a really high hill that I cannot see its peak. I texted her 3 days after to ask is she okay or not. I did it because I know normally a human cannot remember their dream several hours after they got awake unless it has something. It could be something good or bad. She answered me,

“I’m good, why do you ask me?”
“I got a dream about you in my last 3 days, are you just broke up?”
“No, how can you think me broke up?”
“Nothing, just forget about it!”

I didn’t even realize why did I ask her that kind of weird question. Until I checked her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and I realize something bad just happened. I tried to make several double checks on her and it just gave me nothing. Then I tried to believe in what she was saying that she was okay at that moment.

We were almost 3 years together but it’s too complicated to explained. There was a lot of drama that didn’t has any ending even until today. She is a nicest women that I’ve ever known so far. I liked how she is really care me and all of the things we did together. I liked whenever she laughed and smiled on me, with a wide smile she has, she looks like Anna Hathaway. It such a best memories that I’ve ever had in my life… and it just gone couple of weeks before my flight to San Francisco.

Now, I’m just trying to stop all of those memories flying around in my mind. It’s take a lot of energy since I try something unnatural. Like a trying to jump away even you know the gravity will takes you back to your initial position. I’m too afraid to having the hope, the same thing when I had a gigantic hope that made me fly high and fall to crash into pieces. The most difficult thing about her game is she never ask me whether I should keep fighting or I should away. To be honest, the fact is I still having our photos in my wallet and I still set a different ringtone whenever she text or call me.

July 24th, 2016 at 2.00 am in the morning, my cell phone rang with a different ringtone that I never heard for a really long time.

“I’m bored, can I have you on phone?”

And that was how the 5 hours call started.