Nope. We won’t. Have a good night. #FeelTheBern
Yvonne C. Claes

The Brown supporters chose to support Clinton. We let go of our bruised egos and chose progress over perfection. While it was a challenging 8 years, we made some progress and we recovered, to a large extent, from the damage that Reagan and Bush caused our country. We even saw a glimpse of what peace might look like between Israel and the PA.

I am friends with quite a few Bernie supporters. Many of them are diehard like you and believe that there is a chance, but unlike you and your fellows, they reluctantly declare that they will vote for Hillary in the general. Others are supporting Bernie in our Caucus but know that their votes are symbolic and are ready to work for Hillary.

What is interesting is how many are shifting to Hillary. I believe that they are just realizing how high the stakes are and they are concerned that Bernie is as one dimensional as he is; that he does not have a concerted strategy toward acheiving free tuition for everyone, including the children of the extreme wealthy; that he does not have a strategy to win over the congress and achieve what Hillary attempted in 94'.

Though I have always been a Hillary supporter, for very personal reasons related to the work she has done with the Children’s Health Insurance Program and her efforts with women and children in the states and abroad, I felt, early on that Bernie was quite compelling. My gay friends in Vermont warned me to be wary, but I wanted to stay open minded. Now, the more I hear him and the more I read posts such as your’s, the more alarmed I am at how shortsighted he is; how much he and many of his followers have really come to believe their own press and how the enormous crowds and remarkable fundraising have blinded him to the impossibility of winning me over, and trust me on this… I must be won over. I am the very demographic that decides the General Election.

Bernie will go the way of Brown, Nader, Kucinich because you shifted from a campaign that has some good ideas, to a small movement that believes that it has the ONLY ideas and in doing so, you lost the us.

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