Black Liberal Media Journalists and Pundits were NOT Friends of Erica Garner…

Having already co-opted Black Lives Matter, the liberal establishment will now go all-out to co-opt Ms. Garner Snipes now that she’s no longer here to object. It’s how they undercut any movement that might actually accomplish anything useful, just as their apologists continue to claim the majority of those who supported (and continue to support) the platform of Bernie Sanders are all a bunch of nasty, ignorant, immature “bros.”

Case in point: one story I saw over the weekend used a photo of Ms. Garner Snipes at her meeting with Obama, the disgusting details of which I only just learned. So there’s the Great Black Hope in the forefront smiling his signature grin while Ms. Garner Snipes is relegated to the background.

Her expression says it all, but no one who doesn’t know the details will see anything except the guy who was all charm and not much else. So, they’ve already begun instilling the idea that what she did was all part of their wonderful “progressive” (nonexistent) program.

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