Just Another Saturday Morning In The Heartland
Abby Franquemont

I have a suggestion. Before you have to deal with those “old white men” again, take the time to consider that they are from the first generation that grew up with television. And consider the kinds of fodder they were given by that medium. Now, spend a week watching mainstream network TV series that are set in LA and Chicago and New York City. Dick Wolf’s stuff for the latter two are excellent examples.

Now, think about having those messages presented to you, week after week, year after year, for most if not all of your life. Then consider the above in the context of never having gone all that far from the place you grew up in, or a place just like it, surrounded by people with that shared experience (or lack thereof).

It may take a while, but it may also keep your blood pressure in place. I’m newly come to the realization of just how brainwashed all of us are, to one degree or another, by what we see in film and TV and read in books and see on the news and read in the newspapers and magazines. I’ve finally reached the point where the subtle propaganda triggers my alert response, and I’m appalled.

You’re meant to feel just the way you do about those ignorant white men and white women, old and young, just as they’re intended to embrace the idea that the big cities are hotbeds of crime perpetrated by “those people.” It’s not just Fox and Breitbart, either, because a careful analysis of all those so-called “liberal” networks will reveal the same message. It’s just couched in terms the “non-ignorant” find acceptable, and buried in the constant hammering on the idea those “old white men” and their ilk are irredeemable racists and have no excuse for it.

I grew up and spent most of my life among people like those preachers. Indeed, my own mother’s church had as a pastor a man who was a poster child for the kind of deliberately ignorant fundamentalist the media like to pretend is standard for anyone with religious values they can exploit as regressive. And he was very popular with people who lacked the education to understand what he was saying wasn’t true. Did that make either him or them bad people? No, it didn’t, but had someone who didn’t know them well experienced the situation I’m sure they would have been as outraged as you. I know I was, until I realized that a few isn’t everyone.

I’m not saying in any way, shape, or form that we shouldn’t oppose ignorance and racism and all the other ugly -isms that have hidden in the shadows and under the rocks while the rest of us persuaded ourselves things were really okay in general. I’m just wondering why so many who can address the false narrative most people have ingested from their personal experience instead choose to become enraged over someone’s not having that same base of knowledge. Why so many are wasting their outrage on the media’s target—Donald Trump—instead of realizing the party for whom he is a welcome distraction for the multitudes is destroying the foundations of the country while the multitudes’ eyes are glued to the spectacle of a narcissist behaving exactly as one would expect a narcissist to act.

Yes, those old white men do have a right to their opinion, just as we who thing otherwise do. Convincing people that opinion should be curtailed plays directly into that agenda to undermine the foundations of the country I mentioned. They’re succeeding, and not the least because the more recent generations have grown up having their view of reality conditioned by the corporate media, which has colluded with the intelligence community and the government for at least the last six decades to ensure the desired narrative is accepted as reality. That’s not my opinion. Noam Chomsky and Edward Herbert exposed it thirty years ago in MANUFACTURING CONSENT. Robert Parry exposed it at nearly the same time. There are any number of well-researched exposés to back up that, and since learning about it I can see myself how skillfully it’s done.

In other words, before scorning people addicted to Fox News and Breitbart, those hang on Rachel Maddow’s every word and still believe the New York Times is a trustworthy source need to ask whether they aren’t just as addicted to THAT reality as the right-wingers are to theirs.

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