“I’ve Been Labeled a Russian Troll By Twitter. What Do I Do Next?”

I’m probably risking a lot of blowback, but if the sample of Ms. Johnson’s postings is characteristic of the rest, her account was likely taken down under the “fake news” purge. Shakespeare was far from illiterate, and he wasn’t paid for writing his plays. He was paid for performing them.

The latest twist of Russiagate—linking any and all African-American protests to Russia is, as you’ve pointed out, just the same old Cold War BS propagated by the FBI under Hoover. It was one of his favorite tactics to accuse anyone he disliked of being either a secret Communist or a deluded stooge. Usually the former.

I would particularly like to thank you for your extensive reminder of David Brock’s PAC that was hired to troll anything negative about HRC. That little tidbit has been notoriously missing from every single mainstream discussion of the “Russian ads” nonsense. So is the information that 60% of the Facebook ads were published AFTER the election, and most of the other 40% was totally innocuous.

But then, it’s almost genetic for people who think they’re the smartest on the planet to treat everyone who disagrees with them as stupid. Elitists are like that.