When Feminism Looks Like Fundamentalism
Rachel Darnall

Let’s not be naive. Four- and five- and six-inch spike heels are NOT designed to “make a woman look nice.” They were and are designed for precisely the fact they exaggerate the body contortion any taller-than-comfortable heel does. That women continue to persuade themselves all that long-term damage they’re doing to their backs and feet is just “fashion” isn’t helping.

I’ll buy wearing them on special occasions as just a part of the overall costume, and I agree criticizing them solely on the basis they enhance female sexual body language is stupid; but so is pretending they should just be accepted as a fashion statement. Especially when we’re doing ourselves physical damage in the process.

And honestly, with the number of women (most of them working women) and children who are living in poverty in this country, don’t feminists have anything better to do with their time and platform than argue over whose Manolos are sexier than whose?

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