As succeptible as the American people seem to be towards advertising and how easily they get…
Ron Allen

There may, in fact, be evidence to support the ongoing narrative in the corporate media of Russian connections with the Trump administration. The issue is that no such evidence has, to date, been presented to the public. Instead, the corporate media, led by the Washington Post, has used one of the basic rules of propaganda to convince as many people as possible that the allegations are proven fact. To the point where even some who should know better have come to accept it as a given.

The last time the intelligence community was asked for verification, the response was that that evidence was “classified.” In other words, you have the agencies saying they can’t provide the facts to justify their claims of Trump/Russian collusion while at the same time “unnamed sources” are leaking “information” to the media that is then phrased in such a way that anyone but a very discerning reader/listener would never notice just how weaselly that presentation is.

One of the most pernicious side effects of this is the attacks being made on independent media as well as new organizations such as Russia Today, on the grounds they’re either direct mouthpieces for Russia (RT) or “useful idiots” buying into Russian propaganda. That the goal is to dissuade people from obtaining information from any sources other than the corporate media is so blatant as to be insulting—but it works.

Ms. Johnstone isn’t saying there isn’t any fire somewhere buried under all that smoke. She’s saying we can’t know because the minute the smoke looks like it might clear off so we can have a good look, the corporate media, and in particular WaPo, start blowing more.

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