Caitlin, I dare you to say anything critical of Vladimir Putin.
Charlie Davenport

Vladimir Putin is a consummate politician in an autocratic government whose major crime by the definition of the US government is that, having been elected to replace their puppet, Boris Yeltsin, he told said US government to p*** off. He is by nature an autocrat, which if you read a little history you’ll discover tends to be a trend with Russian rulers. Other than that, there is no criticism to apply to Vladimir Putin that can’t just as easily be applied to many, if not most, members of Congress.

The word for what what you’re demanding is “chauvinism.” It demands that people ignore the flaw in their own eye to challenge the one in the other guy’s. Those of us who are no longer willing to embrace the chauvinistic neoliberal propaganda thrown at us 24/7/365 by politicians, pundits and the corporate media refuse to do that. There is no right or wrong in modern politics, just degrees of wrong.

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