Behind every rise: Accompaniment

Mentoring program

As academic physicians, we do a lot of mentoring. Over the course of our careers, and through our formal research on mentoring within and outside of academia, we have found that good mentoring is discipline-agnostic. Mentor ship characterized by mutual respect, trust, shared values, and good communication, and they find their apotheosis in the mentee’s transition to mentor.
As someone said behind each successful person there is the hand of another one. Like this If I today achieved anything in my academic life like great marks in matriculation and appreciation from family members and other relatives is due to my teacher’s support. One of them named as Miss Um-ul-banin. I was in 8th class when I went to their tuition. It was the time when she supports me in making high goals. She always encouraged me from the study point of view. Due to their guidance I further continue my study in science field. She always said Zunaira you can do it never give up. I was very sensitive in this age and I always stress out by thinking that I am not doing well for my parents like other students I am fulfilling my parent’s expectation. She always admires me and said wait one day you will reach at a very high destination. She also helped in developing the good moral values like stay humble always speak politely with every person. She is so humble like there are many stories she also shared with me through which I learn how I can become humble beside the environment is not favorable. We have a strong mentor mentee relation due to which I shared all my stories with her. She gave a nice piece of advice after study which was totally based on moral values. Today if I am such person is only due to their guidance and support. 
I think a role model is a mentor — someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them.