First meeting with Mentor

1.Choosing Mentor:
For the mentor ship I firstly short listed two mentors regarding my field which is Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Firstly, I do contact with Mam Binish which is working as registered dietitian in National Hospital. I send email on Facebook messenger and take time for meeting. But she was busy therefore, I communicate with second mentor name Dr. Imran Pasha and send him requesting email at his email address ( )

2.Email for mentor mentee relation:
Subject line: Request for mentorship
Respected Sir,

I hope you will find this in your good health. I attended many lectures you gave in different seminars and conferences one of them is International conference on foods from animal origin at University of Agriculture Faisalabad and learnt a lot about starting my field of Human Nutrition.
I want to meet with you twice in a month in which I will discuss and want to take your guidelines how I can move in a better way towards my goal which is to work as good nutritionist in a hospital. I want to take nice tips which I will follow to achieve this target.
I know your time is very valuable and that you have a busy schedule. If you are unable to grant my wish, I will completely understand. If possible, I would like to discuss my request with you at a time that is convenient for you.
I can be reached at phone number or at email address at any time. I look forward to meet with you and excited to know your nice tips regarding my goal. Thanking in anticipation
Zunaira Akram
I asked different questions regarding my field which are as follow:
1.Should I do my Mphill in clinical nutrition or select food technology as a major subject?
2. How I can increase my knowledge in nutrition?
3. How you achieved this position?
I asked these questions and he gave me a very good answers like he said me I should do my Mphill in a subject in which I am interested not only look on scope. Secondly he said that I should read different books regarding nutrition also research papers etc.
It was a great experience to meet with him. I learn many new things from their life experience how he worked hard to achieve his goal. I am very pleased from their offer that I can take any guidance from him related my degree or any other if I have.