Identify life of purpose by embracing pain

The life of purpose means to life a life of purpose. To life a life of purpose we have to paid a lot for it.

My Story:

Life is the name of challenges if we look in our history we will came to know that behind each successful person there are a lot of stories of his challenges and failure. I had also experienced to face a lot of challenges and barriers in my academic life like from schooling it is my passion to do higher studies. In school life the main sacrifice was at that time I was the elder girl in my family at that time there were many facilities which should be like load shading problem but I worked and did not try to give up there were many days when I studied in torch light. In college life the main sacrifice was I had to gone in early morning like at 5 am firstly I went to an academy where I took classes of Fsc for exams preparation and then at 7.30 am in college. Although my parents facilitate me by transport facility but problem was I had to get up very early. The most important sacrifice was in university life in which laptop and smart phone was very necessary for different assignments, presentations and mostly the scene occur that before few days of exams notes were uploaded on Facebook group but I check my stamina how much difficulties I can face and when my parents said about buying laptop I said I have not need of these things. But from such problem facing abilities I think in future if I have to do sacrifices to accomplish my life of purpose I will not lose up and like past I will try to choose another pathway to fulfill it beside waiting when this problem will be solving and I continue my work.

I am showing my purpose of life in a such beautiful pictorial form.

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