Life purpose of working professional

It was the day of Tuesday when I thought that I should met with a professional who can guide me in a better way about my career for this I firstly find out and I decided to meet with Dr. Imran Pasha who is fourth senior member of NIFSAT faculty in University of Agriculture Faisalabad. I go to their office and ask about at which time he will free and he give me the time of 8.30 am on Wednesday. I reach at exact time I firstly share the tips about which I was confused like I share following tips and want to know their guidance about it.

1.Does an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that field or industry?

2.Do not do PhD if you want to be an entrepreneur or work in a cooperate sector.

They give me very nice piece of advice regarding these tips but he did not agree with the first one tips. They said if you do M Phil in your degree and after it when you go in your practical field you will be more confident as you will keep a lot of knowledge regarding of your field and by doing work on different projects and doing research you will prove herself very well according to criteria of job.

Their life purpose:

He said that their life purpose was not decide when they completed their MS degree at that time there was vacancy for lecturer and they applied for it as the selection was based on merit and he was on second position from that time he thought to work as an Associate professor and it is their aim to support and guide students in a much better way.

Pain or sacrifice they are willing to reach their goal:

They are willing to do extra work beside duty time and he is also doing it. I was very surprised when he shares his past experience that once their working hours checked and he work 470 hours more than duty time. They are so sincere to their work that mostly he does not give proper time to their family. Most important all senior teachers want that he work with them in their projects.

It is their passion to do work in teaching field and due to this reason all students are inspired from their teaching style.

It was nice meeting and I said thank you and asked about their email address so that I can send thank you note and he share their card.

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