Be a Crackpot

Zunder Lekshmanan
Jul 22, 2018 · 2 min read

A search of crackpot shall result in ‘an eccentric or foolish person.’

If you call someone as a ‘crackpot, it is considered an insult.

However, recently I discovered being a crackpot or rather a cracked pot is an excellent strategy in life.

Just think about it. Most of our troubles in life are about our memory storing unnecessary things.

‘Bottled up emotions,’ I think, is the fancy word.

All our internal rage is wanting to get even with everyone who in some way has rubbed us wrong.

We keep scores and want to neutralize the scores or possibly get one-up.

What if we had a leaky memory just like a cracked pot?

A cracked pot does not store anything. It possibly takes everything that comes its way and lets out everything.

Imagine the possibilities.

You forget the road rage that happened on your way to the office.

You forget the one lousy day at the office, by the time you reach home.

You erase your dinner tiff with your spouse by the time you get up the next day.


There is nothing to keep as you have developed the crack that allows you to drop every useless thing that comes your way.

The ability to absorb everything that comes your way and let it drip possibly helps you achieve a zen-like a composure.

Did the great Rudyard Kipling ask you to be a crackpot indirectly when he said this in his great poem ‘If.’

If you can meet Triumph and Disaster, and treat those impostors just the same;

Most times we are told to ‘Let go’ and being a cracked pot can be a way to ‘Let go.’

Next time, someone calls me a crackpot, I shall take it as a compliment.

I am beginning to be a cracked pot, and I think it is working except for the calories!

Enjoy Maadi. (Have Fun)


PS: The insight of cracked pot is not my original thought. During my daily morning walks, I listen to a variety of podcasts, audiobooks, and spiritual talks. When I was listening to the narration of Vivekachudamani by Swami Chinamayananda, there is a stanza where the summary is that the Guru asks his student to be like a ‘Cracked Pot.’

I found it to be a beautiful metaphor and I could not resist sharing!

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