Big Buildings and

I used to roam the streets of Downtown Seoul to feel alive. I felt that the big skyscraper buildings always brought a sense of energy which would revitalize me. At the same time I felt humbled by the presence of such “bigness” in the neighborhood.

During my walk from my office to the bus stop I get to look up in awe at the fantastic office buildings. Most are still lit as many Korean offices are busy even at 10pm. Majestically present, the tall buildings are what represents the fast paced economy of Korea. A central place for growth.

Back in college I used to always work in a big building. I had fantasized about a huge lobby, corporate elevators, snack rooms, water coolers and the like. It was an illusion thinking that big offices are cool. Having actually worked in one of those huge buildings, I think I’ve woken up from that illusion and realized what was more important for me.

It was surprising that I had no feelings for the tall buildings. I prefer my new office than working in a tall building. It’s less like a chicken farm and more like a creative outlet. It’s cozy and excitingly awesome.

What’s important about today is that I’ve realized what I want rather than chasing after what society wants. That’s important.

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