Ex Samsung — Spent Five Hours on a Simple Samsung Printer Problem

We have a brand new Samsung Wi-Fi printer in the office. It directly connects via Wi-Fi so that it can be anywhere and be used by anybody. For a company like us, where I am the IT department, HR, Marketing, Finance and everything else, it makes sense to get rid of as much trouble as possible. So no cords sounded like a fantastic idea. Nfc connectivity sounded better and Wi-Fi Direct support was a dream! Plus the printer can be placed anywhere with no Lan cables here and there. Placing the printer, a crucial part of our logistics, was an extremely important issue as well. Anyways..

It worked fine in our previous office but somehow it wasn’t working for the past five days. Packages were looking at me as if they were naked needing a label to dress themselves. The printer was acting all nonchalant.

So I called my IT department. Basically a combination of me, myself, and Google. Samsung has horrible support for Macbooks overall and their software is simply terrible. The hardware is great but the software is like a big mess of dog hair that got caught in a sink with leftover gunk of whatever is there. Googling phrases like Samsung Wifi printer won’t connect to even more specific phrases like Samsung C423w wifi ip adress router issue made me seem like a reverse SEO expert trying to engineer the shit out of this search engine trying to find the right deal.

That got me all caught up in the times when I did work for Samsung and all I did was have to call the tech guys. They would just remotely connect to my Samsung Laptop and take care of the issue in less than five minutes. They would even go around changing printer toner cartridges before they went empty. My printer has been running on an empty black toner cartridge because I am to busy to log into one of the crappy Samsung webpages and go through millions of SKUs to find the matching printer cartridge. Yeah those days working for the big guy was not as exciting but it was sure EASY!!

Turns out after Googling and reading forum posts about Samsung Printers, HP Printers, Cisco routers and more, it was a more complicated issue. The router I was using, a generic router provided by my ISP seemed to be blocking the IP from being read. Also Using a Macbook and a non Airport Samsung printer didn’t help either.

So they suggested that I find out the IP address of the printer, double check it on the router, log into the printer, manually make the IP static on the printer and do all these little things here and there. So in a number of steps it was like 20 steps which was a relief in the end but took me forever.

  1. It took me the entire afternoon and evening to fix a rather minor yet complicated printer problem.
  2. Samsung wasn’t the only problem the router had an issue as well
  3. I wasted precious time on some random task that postponed an important writing of an RFP

Bottom line is that, managing my small startup is tough. But then again, it’s a lot more exciting than doing PowerPoint all day.

Oh by the way, a startup just for dealing with IT problems for startups might be a fantastic idea. Although startups probably have a developer somewhere, nobody wants to google Samsung Wi-Fi printer connectivity issue and have to do weird stuff.

Side project? Haha maybe.

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