Where is the future headed with respect to mobile development?

A) Existing apps need download, install and upgrade. They don’t work right off the back. The cost to acquire and retain a customer for an app in 2012 was different, 2015 was different and 2017 is different, talk with your boss and ask them what is their cost to acquire and retain each app customer.

B) Due to increasing costs in acquisition and retention, the companies ll spend money trying to get people on board. The CEO’s as cost cutting measure will jump from 4 native teams ( one for android, one for IOS, one for windows) to a single hybrid team ( react or xamarin or something along those lines). This will be the beginning of the end for native development

C) Even with cross platform apps, we still havent eliminated the problem of download, install, upgrade. While I understand Google is working on instant apps, my question to you is this. Do instant apps run directly inside (Google Hangouts for example) or a similar preinstalled platform on your Android Phone that doesnt require any download, install and storage. If the answer is yes, Google will release an SDK for Android to build these type of apps and Android Studio will support it. IOS will release a similar concept around iMessage (for example) and upgrade XCode to match this. So now we have instant apps on both sides but we are back to square 1 with respect to the cross platform stuff. If Bot Framework or React takes the lead in this department, then a single SDK and IDE supporting cross platform instant apps will be released rendering Android Studio and Xcode pretty much pointless in the long run. So here s a point of clarification for you: Android Studio and XCode is useless either way

D) If the answer to “Do Instant apps run directly inside” in C) is no, then you are in for a big surprise. The masses are not interested in downloading, installing apps any more. This is where a framework like Bot Framework will take charge and bot apps as they are called will steal the show and go mainscreen in the next 5 years

E) If I am not mistaken, Mark Zuckerberg knows this and is gonna announce some form of bot-app ecosystem at F8 in 2017. If he does that, then you know exactly where technology is going

F) For all the people asking questions about their career.
There are 3 possibilities: You are working for a company, You are freelancing and you are a student

If you are working for your company and if its an app development firm, go talk with your founder about acquisition and retention costs
If you are working as a freelancer, boy learn new a skill , something in JS or Python, you are gonna benefit big time whether cross platform instant apps take off or bot-apps take off because those are gonna be coded with these languages
If you are a student, I have no idea what you must do. Why? Because it depends on whether you are gonna end up in a company or you are gonna end up as a freelancer. Let me know your thoughts :)


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