Drill a quarter inch hole.
Penn Jillette gets JTBD
Alan Klement

Hi Alan.

You speak from a position of authority whereby you shine light on other experts who supposedly misuse JTBD term, but your own explanation of jobs as being concerned with the why & the emotional sphere unfortunately only adds to the confusion.

It also contradicts most what you can learn from ODI and JTBD podcast by Bob&Chris.

To use your example, ‘drilling’ a quarter inch hole indeed implies a solution (a drill), I give you that. However, I would call ‘have a quarter inch hole so I can put a painting on my wall’ or the other example: ‘help me maintain a lawn’ as the actual jobs.

These are mainly functional in nature but do not imply a solution as you can tell. This is because you can drill/hammer/burn a hole, and you could also cut the lawn/use special grass variety that doesn’t grow to help you maintain it.

Yes, there is likely to be some emotional aspect to this job (you like the look of a nicely maintained lawn) as well as a social one (your neighbours smile approvingly and congratulate you on being a good neighbour), but the crux of the job remains functional.

So, it might be a good idea to stop muddying up the already murky waters of JTBD lingo…

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