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We won’t be talking about the money you might be getting when your Great Aunt Gertrude passes away. Instead we’ll be comparing some differences in behaviors and implementations of inheritance in Object Oriented Programming Languages. The two we’ll focus on are Python’s class-based inheritance and JavaScript’s prototype-based inheritance. This article assumes that you are at least familiar with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), but if not Alexander Petkov’s article, How to explain object-oriented programming concepts to a 6-year-old, is a great resource to get you up to speed.

Nothing like the CLASS-ics

In Python inheritance is handled through the use of classes. Meaning that methods and properties are passed down before the creation of an object. …

Refactoring from a student’s perspective

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As an aspiring software engineer I built a pretty simple CRUD API that takes data from the PokeAPI and reformatted the information into more manageable components for future app development.

The Problem

When I first created the API back in November 2018, I thought I did a pretty good job at keeping to conventions and the the code that I wrote made perfect sense to me. If it makes sense to me, then other people can surely make sense of it too.

Who needs comments? Just read the code.

- Me, 2018

Here lies the start of my frustrations in 2019. In fact the code base was bad enough that it was incredibly hard to find bugs in my code when they occurred. Here’s the general file structure for my project for some context. …

Sets in Computer Science for Beginners

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What are sets?

According to Wikipedia:

In computer science, a set is an abstract data type that can store unique values, without any particular order.

In other words we can think of sets as a collection of different objects. In that collection, no two objects are the same meaning, there are no duplicates. Additionally, within that collection it doesn’t matter where the object is in that collection, it just has to be there.

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For example, let’s take a look at the stickers on this laptop. Notice that no two stickers are the same. For now let’s assume the space you see on the laptop is a collection. Each sticker is an element of that collection. We also don’t care where the stickers are on the laptop. …

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