Marketing Reflection

  1. How was your advertisement received by your audience? Did you get any feedback?

Our advertisement was received very well by our audience, we uploaded it to Instagram and we got about 400 views. Thanks to that video we got many questions in our DM’s asking us how much our jewelry costs. We so far have one sale thanks to that advertisement.
2) How are sales going so far? Explain.

Our sales unfortunately haven’t been as smooth as we thought they would be in the beginning, we had a rough start since we had problems with our supplier and our payments. We are now starting to lift our sales.
3) What do you need to change/do/complete to continue and perhaps increase your sales?

The first thing we should do is definitely do door-to-door selling, it is one of the most classic and effective ways of selling a product, so we might start doing that in the near future. We also are thinking of paying for YouTube and Instagram advertisements, they’re not that expensive, and it could bring lots of customers our way.

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