Physiotherapy clinics in Ontario

Physiotherapists of Ontario are the regulatory body for physiotherapy practice in Ontario. The Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program has been designed following the tenets of best evidence practice (evidence-based medicine), and the topics of the curriculum include the latest contemporary scientific medical knowledge about the treatment of pain and dysfunction using neurofunctional acupuncture and electroacupuncture. Our body med offers the same signature treatment approach that distinguishes our Brampton physiotherapy clinics from other physiotherapy clinics in the city: one-on-one care, in private treatment rooms with skilled Registered Physiotherapist only.

Physiotherapy in Mississauga may focus their convenance in accurate analytic areas such as neurology, oncology, rheumatology, orthopedics, obstetrics and pediatrics, geriatrics, in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary disorders, burns or sports injuries or in the field of ergonomics. Our experience tells us acupuncture can reliably and safely decrease pain and inflammation, quiet spasms, boost immunity, dispel migraines, shrink swelling, relieve pain in almost any location, regulate hormones, shorten recovery time from surgery, calm anxiety, lift depression, quiet anxiety, restore mobility, improve digestion, and create deep relaxation. With extensive practice, experience, and education, the program will also prepare you to successfully create and operate your own practice facility and to work as acupuncture practitioners or entrepreneurs in the complementary/alternative health industry.

We boast some of best Brampton physiotherapy clinics who are all university educated, highly experienced, certified, accredited with extensive post-graduate Manual Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy training, and have experience treating a wide variety of clientele, from elite national level athletes to clients with debilitating chronic pain. For more information, please visit our site

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