Earrings That Must Be A Part Of Your Closet

Every woman loves to adorn herself with beautiful accessories for every occasion. A perfect pair of earring adds a complete touch to your personality. Be it traditional or western, earrings look good and elegant with every attire. Keep reading below to get to know about the various designs, shapes, and colour of earrings.

Lobe Earrings

Popularly known as edge cutting, lobe earrings are a common choice among the college going students and youth who loves to experiment something new every new day. To carry such a trend, you need not bear boho or any particular style. Cuff earrings go well even with casual clothing and imparts a smarter look to your personality. Since these are worn only on a single ear, it needs to be matched properly according to your outfit to get the trendy look.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond earrings add glitters to your entire personality. The beautifully cut diamond in various shapes and designs are available in the market. A simple diamond is so special in itself that it does not require any other gemstone or metal to be worn along with it. Such earrings are versatile in nature that goes well with all the kinds of outfits be it jeans, evening gowns or even wedding dresses. A diamond worn in ear catches the everyone’s attention wherever they are.

Pearl or Metal Earrings

When it comes to classic earrings, pearl or metal stud earrings have no comparison. Such earrings come in various colours and shapes and give an elegant touch to your entire outfit. Metal stud accords a casual look and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other stones. Metal earrings are available in many traditional as well as modern designs. There are many choices of such women’ designer earring available online.

Regular Hoops

Hoops are one of the most common, yet a preferred choice for earrings of every woman. Having their own social and cultural advantage, these hoops come in a variety of designs and metals. Hoops contribute to your cool look attitude and is a soaring trend among the college going students. When nothing goes with your outfit, these hoops can surely serve as a rescue as they look good with all kinds of attire. These hoops are also available as gold earrings for ladies that can be worn for every occasion.

Chandelier Inspired Earrings

Chandelier earring is very popular among the youth as they are a perfect match with any kind of outfit. Whether you are in ethnic attire or draped in a western outfit, chandelier earrings go well with everything. Such earrings are classic in its own way and are the recommended choice for daily wears, parties or any sort of events. Do not constraint yourself from experimenting with different designs, shapes and colours as they go look good on all kind of people.


The pieces that dangle below your earlobe also look elegant and can be chosen according to the occasion or event. These dangles comprises of various type of beads, metal designs, shapes such as oval, round, curved or die-cut shapes. Available in various narrow and broad styles, these earrings accord more glamour to your style and persona. Such dangles go well with ethnic as well as the western outfit.

Earrings filigree style

Filigree earrings generally come in gold or silver stones are considered to the best accessories for western wears like long skirts and trendy dresses. Such earrings truly catch the attention of every individual and are gorgeous in look. It is a must for girls with a longer neck as it look amazingly good on them. So next time while dressing up for college, wears a deep neck top with denim and flaunt your stunning look.

So next time try one of these beautiful designs and show your best side to everyone. These ear cuff jewelry definitely add charm to your entire look.