Restaurant Fleet Management

Restaurant Delivery System

Tracking Function

Track My Order system tracks location of your driver with your customer through email in a real-time tracking map-based view.


Food Delivery Tracking System system assigns the task to nearby drivers based on ETA and waiting for acceptance from drivers. Finally, the system allows you to assign the task to the driver manually based on acceptance.

Alert Notification

The notification is sends to the customer and system automatically if driver accepts or rejects the delivery order.

Driver App

The Dispatch driver system displays both the shortest and fastest routes to make the delivery as efficient as possible.

Sub Admin Users

Restaurant owners can manage multiple branches of their business with a Restaurant Fleet Management sub user-account, which allows management to register and utilize all available drivers from multiple branches to deliver orders more effectively.

API Integration

Our platform works smoothly with third-party sites through our Application Program Interface (API). API integrates the Dispatch system with other websites.