5 simple steps to get potential customers from your Instagram Story.

Hi all. This is my first medium blog. I am a content creator for Instagram and WordPress. In this blog I would like to tell you about some strategy that you can use to get more follower/audience/potential customers for your business on Instagram using “Instagram Story”. Instagram is really an amazing platform to grow any business or personal brand or an organization. There are 6 type of things that you can do on Instagram such as -

  1. Picture post
  2. Video post
  3. Gallery post
  4. Photo Story
  5. Video Story
  6. Live story

Among these six, the most powerful tool that can drive potential customers for your business is “Video Story”. If your business is based on a particular location, do post video stories more often that will really help you to grow the business and you can see the difference.

So there are certain things you need to consider.

  1. Do not forget to use location tag/location sticker on the video story. Video story is nothing without a location sticker. Once you put the location sticker on your video story, Instagram will add your video story to that specific location story and that will help you to get attention from a larger audience.

2. Also mention your own account using “@” so that people can get back to you if they see your story on the location story and if they find interest in the story or on your business. When your story gets added to the location story you can see that the username that appears on the story is very small. So if a person wants to visit your account he/she might not be able to tap on that small username. So it’s better that you give them a good option to get back to you. It’s kind of like “call to action”.

3. Make it simple, make it funny or interesting. Don’t make it dark or moody. Always keep it relevant to your business.

4. You can also use Snapchat to create creative stories for your Instagram. Snapchat AR (augmented reality) stickers are really awesome.

5. There is a specific time to post video stories to get more engagement. It varies from location to location. For India, it is around 9:00 PM. But it is not a business hour for most of the businesses so if you have a personal brand, do post video story at this time.

You can do video story in the morning during 8:00 AM it also works fine. Not that efficient comparing to 9:00 PM but it works. If you have a local business like restaurant/food truck or any kind of exhibition, it will help you to get the right audience in a right amount.

So these are the things that you can use to drive attention to your Instagram account using stories. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Give this blog a clap and share this with your fellow Instagrammer friends.

Thank you! 💐

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